Crinum Moorei


Crinum moorei is a hardy, evergreen or semi-deciduous, very fast-growing bulb with beautiful broad, flat, bright-green leaves in a rosette on the end of a short stalk.

The long, flowering stalk carries a head of large, tubular flowers that form a beautiful umbel of pink to almost white flowers from October to January. The flowers are scented in the evening, indicating that they are moth-pollinated.

Botanical Name: Crinum Moorei 
Common Name (Variety): Boslelie
Colour: Light Pink
Bulb Size:
Height: 1m
Light Conditions: Full Sun 
Bulbs per pack: 1
Blooming Season: October to January
Medicinal Uses: Used in traditional medicine for urinary tract problems and to treat cattle.

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3-year Old Bulb