Crinum Cintho Alfa


The gorgeous blooms of crinum Cintho are remarkable, but only half the story. Huge snowy white blooms feature a crimson stripe down each petal, front and back, will stop you in your tracks! But it is the glorious fragrance these blooms emit that will steal your heart.

Crinums are like huge amaryllis, pest resistant and easy to grow. Long-lived, it may take your crinum a full year to fully settle in and begin to bloom, but they are well worth the wait!

Botanical Name: Crinum Cintho Alfa
Common Name (Variety): Milk and Wine Lily
Colour: White and Crimson
Bulb Size: 32″
Height: 48″
Light Conditions: Full Sun
Bulbs per pack: 1
Blooming Season: July or August